Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Telling From My Point of View

Telling From My Point of View


She thought she’d die
but did not cry
she looked at the life she lead
before Bled.
It was now strange,
she needed a change.
With a few things to pack,
she hit the track!

Deep in her heart
she knew it was a start
she gave it all she got
and received a lot.
She learned an old art:
how to draw a chart,
she took a chance
and enjoyed romance.

She learned how to give
and she learned how to live
without his smile
for a long while,
without his hands –
(no offence!)
Without his voice –
it was his choice.

She found a key
how to set herself free –
whenever life is a bore,
she simply asks for more!

Next time they meet
would they have a chance
to start anew
their old romance?

At first to believe
she didn’t dare,
but now she didn’t
really care!

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