Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Telling From My Point of View

Telling From My Point of View


When they first met
it was all set –
in the night sky,
not knowing why,
a falling star
went way too far
with its long shine –
it was a sign!

They didn’t touch
and never did much
he had a beer,
she had a pear,
they had a fear
that if something
was to be clear
they were both
to disappear.

They’ll never know
what they missed
‘cause they never

But soon you’ll hear
a special tone:
it’s their love
over telephone!


Without my telephone
to bring me closer to you
I’d be all alone
I wouldn’t know what to do.


I love my telephone
and I love you in it,
my heart’s on the line,
do you not see it?


My telephone lets me
imagine your face,
hear your voice,
feel your embrace.


For her telephone
was a means
to picture him
in his blue jeans,
sitting on his bed,
thinking what’s
to be said
when he so enjoys
the sound
of this new
silence found.

She brings him joy
like no other toy
he’s had before…

With just a sweep,
in love so deep,
they both fell –
t’was easy to tell!

He felt like a king
and she started to sing:


Since I met him it’s been clear:
no one knows how much I feel.
I might as well turn into a tear,
living live when he is near.

Others say he’ll disappear,
still, inside me there’s no fear.
He’s so wonderful and dear,
My heart knows that he’ll be near!


She is something you’ve never seen:
she’s an angel, she’s a queen!
She is so beautiful and lean
I hope she doesn’t turn out mean.

She is so out of my reach,
she is a fairy, she is a witch!
Not to mention, she is rich.
I hope she’s not really a bitch!


From then on
it was the phone
that kept them close
– a daily dose.
And why not?
The line was hot.

There was so much to tell –
Visotsky, Waits, Brel.
When he felt low,
he spoke of Poe,
when he felt high
he wondered why
she took a chance
on this romance.

What can be said?
He was glad!

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