Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Alice and the Mad Bunny

Life is short and boring as fuck


I am a high flyer living a pedestrian life,
as self-destructive as a lamb in love with the butcher’s knife.
I read and walk and think and muse
and contemplate and surmise.
And every so often I actually act,
much to everyone’s surprise.

You see I’m more Hamlet than Romeo, 
I am more complex than I appear to be.
The Opposition suits me better than the Government.
I question authority before it questions me.

I can be arrogant and sarcastic,
and – as you already know – quite vain.
But I’d rather be unkindly amusing than tediously mundane.
After I’ll feel guilty for making a joke at someone else’s expense –
Apologies to all those who have been wounded by my offense.

Don’t let your guards down. I am sensitive as a toilet seat.
I don’t like bad smells, burps, farts, stinky feet.
I shower every morning, wash my teeth after each meal –
Personal hygiene, that – for me – is a big deal.

Being straightforward and transparent in every way
I tend to get annoyed if – at the end of the day,
I’m asked to explain myself or further elaborate
in which case, I’ll happily exaggerate.
(Stupidity pisses me off.)

But the fact of the matter is, I don’t waste my words
and when a story is worth telling, there’s no reason to spike it.
Which, strangely, makes me wonder if people get what they deserve –
and if so, why doesn’t it ever seem like it.

I have ulterior motives. I do.
I want what I say I want,
but I want other things too.
Don’t you?


I guess so…
Man… you are deep.
And I must say, you are so refreshing,
and such a rare find:
a Mad Bunny who speaks his mind!


To be completely honest, I can be a great liar too.
I can say that right is wrong, or that red is blue.
And say it like I mean it.

Yep! My imagination runs deep and wild
it never hangs me out to dry
when shit hits the fan, it takes it in stride
inventing escape when there’s nowhere to hide.
So… yeah, I can lie.

But you see, it’s not for the lack of imagination
that I prefer to steer aligned with the truth
It’s just that polite conversations and niceties bore me,
I prefer those who can take the rough with the smooth.

Besides, I find that when I speak the truth all the time
I rarely have to explain myself to anyone.
If I am clear and loud about who I am and what I’ve got
nobody expects me to be something I am surely not.

And yes, I know, most people can’t handle it,
and away they will fritter
but the ones who can are real gems
and well worth the filter.

This journey we’re on is made of ups and downs,
sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines,
We may not always own our good fortune,
but we sure are to blame for our bad luck.
And considering that life is short
and boring as fuck
it seems wise to surround yourself
with those who don’t waste your time
with some dumb-ass rhyme.

life is short and boring as fuck

Photograph from the series Mad Bunny by Yves Lecoq

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