Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Telling From My Point of View

Telling From My Point of View



This is an important factor:
he’s an actor.
He must fake –
he has living to make.
With all at stake
he can’t take a break.
He must have a name
that will bring him fame,
and that’s not easy –
he is quite busy.

Will he find the time
to end this rhyme
and give us a clue
on what is his view
about this case
and all the chase
that goes on
over the phone.

Are we wrong to believe
that he’ll ask her to leave?
Perhaps there’ll come a day
when he’ll ask her to stay.

Will he take a chance
and write a dance
for this romance?
Will he know
what notes to throw?
Will he find in his heart
to make it his art?

Now, he has been dared
and he might be a bit scared
that magic would diminish
if we had a finish.

With all due respect,
this is a fact:
She needs his hand
for this show to end!

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