Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Telling From My Point of View

Telling From My Point of View


When I think
When I blink
When I stray
When I stay
When I walk
When I talk
It is you
When I do
It is you
that I need
as my lead
in my life
as my wife.

When I lie
When I cry
When I sigh
I still try
To believe
You’ll be here
To believe
You won’t leave
me to grieve.


Could you see
when I want to be
completely free,
When I want to be
just plain me,
Would you see
and let me be?


Would you dare
Would you care
Could you bear
to be mine
and feel fine?
Would you dance
and take a chance
with me?


I can always be sure
that somehow she’ll know
what I feel, what I think,
when I’m high, when I’m low.

When we are together
she’ll check me and correct me,
but with people around
I know she will back me.

I need her around me
to be my guide,
dare I hope that
she’ll stay by my side?


She dares him
but she pairs him,
she just names him
and she tames him.

She wakes him
and she takes him,
she makes him
then she breaks him.

She needs him
and she frees him,
she reads him
and she leads him.


She is his art.
Deep in his heart
he knew his dream:
they were a team!
Together they could
feel so good.
He had another beer,
he couldn’t think clear.
He thought about
how they met
(on a movie set).
He had to act,
that was a fact.
With director’s hesitation
and his lack of concentration
he almost got fired,
but hey!
He was inspired!
And before long,
he wrote her a song:


In my home town
I see your eyes,
in your eyes
my reflection shines.
I cover you with
a veil of night,
you pour down on me
stars of light,
and we fly
soaring the sky,
wondering why
we fly so high
with devils,
angels and saints,
glittering brightly
in an embrace.


Hearing words of such grace,
she hurried to his embrace.
She could not wait
for that special date.

She decided not to sob:
she quit her job!
Furthermore, you can bet –
she left her cat.

She kissed her daddy
and his will good-buy,
her fiancée was free to cry,
she was free to fly!

She left everything
for what she thought
was the real thing,
but we know better,
and we sing:
“It’s a fling! It’s just a fling!”

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