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Telling From My Point of View

Telling From My Point of View


when she left,
how had she felt?
Did she tell a friend
or two
that they were through?


To go there I was glad,
never thought I’d come back sad.
I should have listened to my dad
and stayed back home in bed.

He’d promised to take me to Bled.
He’d promised that we’d be wed.
I must have been completely mad
to believe all that he had said.


Did he take you to bed?
Did he make you glad?
Did he drive you mad?
Was it bad? Was it bad?


Oh! Shut up!


Love on the phone
was back in view
for another month
or two.
But such a shame,
it wasn’t the same.

They didn’t speak
for a whole week.
A month passed by
and she wondered why
he did not try
to keep in touch
or write as much
to let her know
that he was low
and won’t go on
over the phone.

Just when she thought
she found him,
she had to forget
about him.
And she tried
and complied,
but it was no use
when she heard the news!

It was a friend who
called her,
and it was a friend who
told her
that his girl
was still by his side –
that he actually implied!

Why was it such a shock?
Why was it such a knock?
Wasn’t it obvious all along:
he loved that woman strong!

He should have just said so!
He should have let her know!
He should have let her go!
He should have but didn’t, though.

She deserved an explanation,
an update of situation,
a letter, at least
from that selfish beast!


A beast can be tamed
and it can’t be fought.
A beast is a beast
– I naively thought.
Would it be different
if for one moment I knew
that all this time
I was fighting just her?
Still, I know
there’s no one to blame,
even now I’d do the same.


Why not fight
for your right?
Why not sin
to bring him in?
Why not insist
with your fist?
Why not chase
for his embrace?
Why not burn
for his return?

Is it so wrong
to want the thrill
of having him
of his own free will?


Never feel shame
when you’re deceived
by a hope,
but quickly stand up
and learn
how to cope.

Love can never
hurt or feel sore
if you know
it was worth
hoping for.


As I was leaving
I looked for a sign
that maybe, maybe
he was mine.

As I was leaving
I looked for a trace
of something mine
there in his face.

As I was leaving
I hoped to find
that pretty soon
he’d follow behind.

How stupid of me to think
that we had a special link,
that he’d ever be free
to come after me.

When I was crying
in the rain,
when I was alone
with my pain –
he never called,
he never came.


Than it’s quite obvious and plain:
losing him is not such a shame!

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