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Alice and the Mad Bunny

Lets Fuck Like Bunnies!

The Mad Bunny woke up feeling great after a long night of hot sex with Alice. He was full of energy and wanted to do something special, like go out and celebrate life. It sure felt good.

“It’s another beautiful day in the Never-Fucking-Land! Rise and shine, you beauty!” he exclaimed joyously as he drew the curtains wide open.

The timid rays of moonlight filled the room with long shadows.

“Oh, but it’s night!” the Mad Bunny was stunned, though not dismayed. “But what a night it is!” he looked at the moonlit sky with a dreamy look in his eyes and inhaled deeply, taking it all in.

“And the night belongs to the lovers.” Alice sang as she sat up in bed and stretched her arms, smiling at the Mad Bunny. “Come here, lover. I’m so horny. Lets fuck like bunnies! You can do that, can’t you?”

Surprise was as obvious as delight on the Mad Bunny’s face. “Woman! Don’t you ever feel like you’ve had enough?” She was giving him a hard on all right. There was nothing the Mad Bunny found more arousing than a woman who was always ready for more. He quickly started to undress himself.

The vast experience Alice had accumulated from all those past lives she lived taught her that men usually fall into two categories: players and nice guys. Players are wonderfully sex-obsessed but always on the lookout for a new hanky-panky. And nice guys, on the other hand, find it easier to spanky-wanky than to actually go through the trouble of scoring a fuck. However you look at it, the prospect of finding a good man is far-fetched for any realistic, monogamous woman with a healthy sexual libido. Alice understood this when she ditched “monogamous” and took on “free”. It didn’t improve her sex life much, but it made her feel better about herself. And that was something.

The Mad Bunny was obviously a player, but there was depth to him, Alice could sense that. And she loved his madness. Not in her wildest dreams would she expect him to be The Good Man, but she did hope that down the road he’d prove to be good enough to be her friend.

That would be something too, she thought as she spread her legs wide open for him.

Photograph from the series Mad Bunny by Yves Lecoq

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