Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Alice and the Mad Bunny

Skyping the Great Wizard

“I am always up for an adventure!” the Mad Bunny exclaimed. “Lets go find the Great Wizard and get that ego back, so that you can be the great artist that you are!”

“You wanna go to him?” Alice was surprised.

“Hell, yeah! I always wanted to meet the man.” with that the Mad Bunny got up as if to show he was ready to leave.

“Why not just Skype him?” Alice asked.

“Skype him?” the Mad Bunny was overthrown with the idea. He repeated, “Skype him? Just like that?”

Alice nodded.

“Hmm… I was thinking more along the lines of us embarking on a long and adventurous journey down the yellow brick road, like that chic Dorothy… Wasn’t she also looking for a wizard?”

“Dorothy was looking for the Wizard of Oz, who, as it turned out, was not a wizard at all. That’s a different fairytale altogether.” Alice pointed out. “We are looking for the Great White Wizard and I happen to have his Skype contact right here”, she said as she flapped open her laptop.

“Ok then”, the Mad Bunny seemed a bit disappointed as he sat back down. “Lets give him a call.”

The sound of dialling numbers cut through the silence, then there was a ringing sound.

“Hello Alice!” said the voice of the Great Wizard. “How are you, dear?”

“I am fine, thank you. How are you?”

“Just fine?” the Great Wizard asked, then without waiting for her to reply, went on, “I am always great, as you know. After all, how could I be the Great Wizard if I didn’t feel great all the time?”

As he was speaking, the Mad Bunny got up and sat next to Alice.

“Oh, and who is that with you, Alice?” the voice of the Great Wizard asked.

“This is my friend, the Mad Bunny” she introduced him. “He wanted to meet you very much.”

“Guilty as charged!” the Mad Bunny solemnly put a hand on his heart, “I did so want to meet you, Great Wizard. I’ve heard so many great things about you from so many great people that I came to believe that if I meet you I’d also become great, in some ways at least…”

The wind of loud, boisterous laughter came through the screen, filling the room “Oh my, I gotta give it to you, Mad Bunny… You are as hilarious as are the stories about you. I sure am glad to make your acquaintance.” the Great Wizard said.

“Are you saying you’ve heard of me?” the Mad Bunny asked in disbelief.

“Heard of you? Well, who hasn’t? You are, are you not, The Mad Bunny, the living legend of the Never-Fucking-Land?”

“I am.” said the Mad Bunny proudly as he erected his posture.

“Well what more do you want?” asked the voice of the Great Wizard.

“Now that you ask, nothing. I guess I just wanted some reassurance.” the Mad Bunny said.

“Well, my friend, rest assured…”, the Great Wizard said, “you are the greatest Mad Bunny this world has had.”

The Mad Bunny gave Alice a quick, boastful look. She winked back at him.

“The reason you called me today was to ask for Alice’s ego, is it not?”

“How did you know?” asked the Mad Bunny.

“How could I not know? I am the Great Wizard, I know everything. I laughed for hours when I heard that.” another gust of loud laughter filled the room. “Only a mad bunny could be mad enough to think that Alice needs more ego than she already has…” the laughter continued.

Alice and the Mad Bunny exchanged hurt and puzzled looks.

“Alice’s ego is just fine” the Great Wizard said when he finally managed to stop laughing. “It’s her passion that’s gone. I’m afraid I may have given her a bigger dose of magic mushrooms than her body weight required; but then again, I had to consider that huge ego of hers. A larger dose was necessary to put it in place. Of course, now as a consequence, her passion has vanished, which isn’t surprising considering all that she has seen… Hmmm…” the Great Wizard fell silent on the other side of the screen.

“Her passion has vanished…???” the Mad Bunny was aghast. “That is just horrifying… It’s reprehensible and utterly unacceptable. I, for one, won’t have it!” he put his arm around Alice’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

“My passion is gone…” Alice echoed the Great Wizard’s words. “It makes perfect sense.”

“You can get your passion back, Alice” the Great Wizard said. “All you have to do is look into your heart.”

“Look into my heart?” Alice echoed.

“Yes. It’s deep down inside your heart where your passion is hiding.”

“Easy-peasy!” the Mad Bunny turned to Alice. “You can do that!”

“She has to, if she wants her passion back. But now I must leave you. I am needed elsewhere.” and with that The Great Wizard hung up.

The Mad Bunny stood up and faced Alice. “You can look into your heart, can’t you?”

Alice looked up. “Didn’t you just hear him? It’s not a question of can, it’s a question of must. I must look into my heart.”

“That’s fucked. I fucking hate “musts”!” the Mad Bunny crossed his arms on his chest. “Makes me wanna tell you not to fucking peek into that damned thing. But mad as I am, I know how essential passion is for art. It’s almost as essential as ego. So I say, fucking go for it!”

“It can’t be that bad, looking into your heart. I know where my passion is…” the Mad Bunny closed his eyes and tried to picture it for Alice, “I see myself utterly lost amidst voluptuous curves of obscenely beautiful women.” He opened his eyes in sudden realisation. “Looking at your passion is like being in paradise, Alice. Why would that be so hard to do?”

Photograph from the series Mad Bunny by Yves Lecoq

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