Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Telling From My Point of View

Telling From My Point of View


All your silly talk
I still want to hear.
All your silly talk
I hold very dear.

Even a silly, silly,
silly good-bye
I’ll always
remember you by –

But oh!
You have theories
and reasons and sense,
and me,
I have nothing
but feelings and hands.

I feel every impulse
in your head
and I know the words
you haven’t said.

Those words, that beast, the man.


And when she left
it was a fact
she had to accept:
there’s no where to run,
he is her sun,
he is the one
who has a chart
of her heart.

Calling his name
still feels the same,
touching his cheek
still makes her weak,
whenever they part
he takes her heart!

But hey! This is a thrill!
She can feel!
She will not ache
for her own sake.
It would be insane
to endulge in pain
when love is the sound
bound to be found
all around!

It was wrong timing,
but she is still shining.
She’s not to blame –
you’d feel the same
if you had a date
with your soul mate!


As time passed by,
she stopped wondering why
and gave it a rest –
it was for the best.
She had to grow
and had to know
that she holds the key
to set herself free.

She ceased to dream about him
and learned to do without him,
and from what we can tell –
she did quite well!

What she found
when she looked around
and searched her soul:
he was never a goal!
She joined the game
and took what came,
not caring to win
because she was in
just for the play,
and that was O.K.

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