Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Alice and the Mad Bunny

From My Soul

It’s been ages since I was in love,
and I honestly can’t say
if my heart in romance still believes,
but I know that it’s an easy target
for charming opportunists
and emotional thieves.

Yes, I know, I admit –
I am harbouring a starved beast;
keeping it quiet and well hidden.
But it’s a matter of survival,
I learned it’s for the best
some beasts be laid to rest.

And here you are,
still unsure of where you’re going,
yet aiming to get very far.
You want to speak to me from your heart –
well, that’s a start.

It means you are ready to say
what I have known all along,
to claim the person you are –
Fuck yeah!
The Mad Bunny’s going strong.

You want me to speak to you from my heart,
but I don’t know if that’s smart.
Even now, I never know what the beast feels
and have no control over what it will say,
unpredictable in every way.

The heart gets easily tricked by passion, and
sucked in by trivial schemes and plots,
and as such, it is completely useless
when it comes to articulating
my true feelings and thoughts.

I’d prefer to speak to you from my soul
for it has wings, and can help me transcend
to the place where it’s easy to comprehend,
to the place where there are no in-betweens,
where I can feel in my bones, not heart,
what true love means.

We can go anywhere,
if I can speak to you from my soul.
Even if anywhere means – nowhere at all.

From My Soul

Photography by Dennis_Ziliotto

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